Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doke and Stewart in Muskogee County Commission GOP primary

Ken Doke                                           Mike Stewart

Muskogee County Commission District 1 has an interesting phenomenon taking place this June -- a GOP primary.  Republicans Ken Doke and Mike Stewart both filed their candidacy last week for the open county commission seat. Three Democrats also filed: Bob Burgess, Steve Goad, and Speck Plunkett.

Doke is an area businessman, while Stewart has been the City of Muskogee's Public Works Director since 2000, after working in various sanitation and streets functions since 1977.

Muskogee County rarely has Republican primaries for any office, and it has been years since any GOP primary took place for a county-level office. Only about 25% of Muskogee County voters are registered Republican.


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