Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the race begin: Gary Johnson is 2012's GOP first

Meet the first official 2012 GOP presidential candidate: former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. A libertarian Republican, Johnson made his announcement today on the steps of the New Hampshire state house.

Interesting facts: Johnson vetoed 750 bills in his tenure as governor (1995-2003). In 1995, he vetoed 47% of the bills that came across his desk, and vetoed more bills in his first term than all 49 other governors - combined. He also is an athlete, who has climbed Mount Everest, and has participated in the famous Hawaii Ironman Triathlon five times.

Click here to visit his campaign website.


Anonymous said...

Well for me, I don't want the 2012 Republican platform to include pot so I will not be voting for Gov. Johnson.