Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brief Blogging Bullets

  • 12 freshmen Republican legislators issued a press release last night encouraging the state to return or not accept any federal money associated with ObamaCare and the controversial 'early innovator' grant. This was apparently prompted by the backlash and uproar over the House passage of HB2130. Ironically, each of the twelve legislators in the press release voted for HB2130, despite the fact that many of the points made in their press release were made by opponents of HB2130 before these twelve voted for the bill.
  • Oklahoma's leading political blogger, Mike McCarville, is pushing for U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn to run for president, and it has sparked a bit of discussion even outside of Oklahoma.
  • The more time elapses from the announcement of the budget compromise, the worse the news gets. The CBO is now saying that in actuality, it doesn't cut $38.5 billion, it cuts $352 million.
  • is reporting that Donald Trump will announce his presidential candidacy a few days after the Celebrity Apprentice TV show finale. This on the heels of a CNN/Opinion Research GOP primary poll that has Trump tied with Huckabee for the lead at 19% nationwide (Palin was at 12%, Gingrich and Romney at 11%). All of this makes me wonder if Trump will just be the 2012 version of Fred Thompson.
  • Gov. Mary Fallin declined to reauthorize the controversial Governor's Ethnic American Advisory Council. 'Ethnic American', meaning 'Islamic'. That was one of the most insanely ridiculous politically-correct terms I had ever heard.
  • Three anonymous state legislators (allegedly two representatives, one senator) have launched a blog to discuss the race for House Speaker (2013-2014 term). In particular, they have focused on candidate T.W. Shannon, and his close ties to controversial-but-highly-successful consultant Fount Holland.

I apologize for the drop in posting lately; I've been really busy cleaning carpets. Speaking of.... if you need your carpets cleaned....


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