Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Governor Fallin Signs Measure Requiring Legislative Approval of Rules Changes

Governor Fallin Signs Measure Requiring Legislative Approval of Rules Changes

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin has signed into law House Bill 1044, a measure requiring legislative approval of rules changes related to fee increases and scope of practice issues.  The bill was signed into law Thursday.

HB 1044 by Rep. George Faught of Muskogee and Sen. Anthony Sykes of Moore requires legislative approval of any rule that establishes or increases fees or any rule by an agency, board or commission created by or that receives authority from Title 59, relating to professions and occupations.  If the legislature fails to approve the rule by the last day of the session, the rule is deemed “disapproved.”

In her State of the State address, the governor called for more scrutiny of new rules and regulations.

“In my State of the State address, I pointed out the need for a thorough review of new rules and regulations to ensure they achieve their intended goals and do not create more bureaucratic hurdles to growth,” Fallin said. “I commend the Legislature for sending me HB 1044 which will give us another tool as we work to make our government operate more efficiently.”

Faught said, “I am very pleased to see the governor’s signature on this legislation. It is time for true accountability for agencies and boards and this is a huge step. I commend the governor and her understanding of the importance of this legislation.”


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