Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Major Pickups for State GOP in Legislature

Republicans picked up SIX seats in the State Senate this evening, with Mark Allen (SD4), Josh Brecheen (SD6), Eddie Fields (SD10), Frank Simpson (SD14), Kim David (SD18) and Ralph Shortey (SD44) expanding the GOP ranks to 32 seats, and knocking the Democrats down to 16.

In the State House, the GOP picked up EIGHT seats, with Rusty Farley (HD1), John Bennett (HD2), Dustin Roberts (HD21), Tom Newell (HD28), Steve Vaughan (HD37), Aaron Stiles (HD45), Tommy Hardin (HD49), Jadine Nollan (HD66) growing the GOP majority to 70, and putting the Democrats at 31 seats.

Of these victorious candidates, the biggest shocker to me is Rusty Farley. Farley ran for this seat in 2008, and lost to Democrat Dennis Bailey 56.7%-43.3%. House District 1 contains (and only contains) McCurtain County in far southeastern Oklahoma. A whopping 11.8% of voters are registered Republicans, and 5.2% are Independents. This time, Farley received 50.83% of the vote against Bailey.

Did I mention that Bailey spent over $20,000 on his reelection bid, while Farley spent.... $70? Yes, Farley spent $70* and won the race.

See, I told you it was a shocker.

* - I have since learned that it was a newspaper ad. A newspaper ad. A, as in one.


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