Monday, November 01, 2010

Pinnell: Our Closing Argument

Our Closing Argument
by Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, our clients have been to your communities, you’ve seen them on television ads, heard them on radio spots, received mailers and phone calls. It is now time to hand down your final verdict.

I’ve argued throughout this trial that there is something more dangerous than a Democrat. And that is a Democrat who campaigns like a conservative, but then legislates like a Democrat when elected. Oklahoma Democrat candidates have been hiding and ducking all cycle. Hiding from their President and his national agenda, and ducking tough questions from you, the jury.

They’ve told you they don’t want to talk about national politics because they want to focus on Oklahoma issues. I’d ask you this- is healthcare reform not an Oklahoma issue? Each Oklahoman will carry the burden of $8,470 in new government spending under Obamacare.

Is immigration reform not an Oklahoma issue? Each year, the Oklahoma prison system spends an estimated $11.7 million to incarcerate illegal criminal immigrants. The costs in other areas such as health, education and other programs top hundreds of millions of dollars.

When the government gets bigger, the people get smaller. Ladies and gentlemen, our federal government is too big. But even worse, it believes it can be all things to all people.

This year the federal budget deficit is projected to climb to $1.3 trillion. Our national debt stands at a whopping $13.6 trillion. The interest that taxpayers pay on the national debt totals more than $20 billion a month.

My clients are talking about these deficits. They're talking about right-sizing government here in Oklahoma, and fighting back against the spending in Washington, D.C.

These races are not about personalities but positions. Not about who loves this state more, because we all love Oklahoma, but who will stand up and fight for this state. It’s time to move past status quo policies that have only resulted in failing grades and instead choose candidates who have presented conservative solutions to the challenges we face as a state and country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm asking that after you consider all the evidence, you will cast your vote for my clients. It’s a vote for conservative solutions over the failed, liberal status quo policies of the past. My clients have made me proud to work for them, now let them make you proud too.

We rest our case.

If you wish to contact Chairman Pinnell, you can email him at


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