Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Thoughts: TSA Body Scanners and Patdowns

With all of the uproar in recent days about the new security measures being implemented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), such as the new body scanners and new, more intrusive "enhanced" patdowns, I decided to post a poll to get your thoughts.

After voting on the right sidebar, discuss in more detail in the comments section of this post.


  1. This is my new pet peeve. I don't fly much at all, so it doesn't really affect me (although it will this year), but I'd be willing to riot about it. I don't see how this is different from the warrentless wiretaps and such after 9/11, and don't know why the most verbal outcry is only from grassroots organizations and not from civil liberty groups. I don't understand why going to extremes in a purely reactive manner is supposed to make us safer in the first place, and I still don't want the government to babysit me and eliminate all risk from my life, especially at the expense of liberty and privacy. Tell me there's risk, work to harass terrorists rather than innocents, and let me decide how much risk I'm willing to assume. Where do you draw that line? What if there was a roadblock at every highway on-ramp to search every car for contraband and intoxicating substances before people could drive? I've already written a letter to the TSA pleading the innefectiveness, impropriety, and excess of authority this represents, but don't know what actually useful actions I can take.

  2. I travel extensively. Platinum Elite @ AA(1 million miles), Companion Pass @ SW(40 RT flights annually), Diamond @ Hilton(100 nights a years), #1 Gold @ Hertz(40 rentals a year)- have yet to have undergone the 'enhanced patdown.' Unsure how I would react if/when it happens, but recognize that TSA is the most inconsistent,overstaffed, lazy organization in government. In some airports, shoes go directly on the belt, in others they have to be in a bin. The only people who are 'caught' by TSA are those with nail clippers and pocket knives. They are a joke among road warriors.


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