Monday, September 20, 2010

OKGOP Chairman on Lukewarm Politicians

Lukewarm Politicians
by Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell

We are taught to guard against lukewarm Christianity, but what about lukewarm politicians? I'm having a hard time with them, too.

I bought a book yesterday while writing this message that I'm looking forward to reading- "Primary Mistake: How the Washington Republican Establishment Lost Everything in 2006 (and Sabotaged My Senatorial Campaign.)"

The book is written by Steve Laffey. He was the Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island when he decided to run for the Senate in 2006, but failed to unseat then-incumbent Lincoln Chaffee for the Republican nomination. Laffey accuses the NRSC of an unprecedented negative campaign against him in favor of his more moderate opponent. Sound familiar? At the time, Pat Toomey called it “the first skirmish in a very important war."

I've read many pages online already; one of Laffey's better lines:"Republicans never did better than when they were proud of who they were, and never did worse than when they pretended to be something they weren't."

When Reagan was questioned by reporters about statements claiming he was too extreme, he responded, "I think moderation should be taken in moderation...When you’re on the operating table, you hope the doctor has more than just moderate skills. Let's put what we and our party believe on our banner and not water it down."

You want to get elected? Stand for something. Drop the talking points and platitudes. Roll up your sleeves, put on some walking shoes, and go talk to voters at their doorstep. I'm encouraged to see our Republican nominees doing just that.

We know where our nominees stand on the issues; I can't say the same for their Democrat foes. Heck, they don't even have a State Party Platform! I guess the Oklahoma Democratic Party is fine with the National Democrat Platform put together by liberals outside of Oklahoma.

Let's put what we believe on our banner and not water it down, Republicans. I guarantee you it's better than the alternative.

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