Monday, September 27, 2010

Coburn Endorses Gary Jones for State Auditor

Gary Jones picked up an endorsement today in the race for State Auditor.

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn endorses Gary Jones for Auditor & Inspector

Gary Jones’ campaign for State Auditor and Inspector recently picked up the endorsement of United States Senator Tom Coburn.

Coburn’s endorsement:  "Gary Jones is the watchdog Oklahoma voters need as our next State Auditor and Inspector.  When it comes to exposing fraud and corruption in state government, Gary has proven himself to be up to the task.

Gary Jones understands that just as important as exposing corruption, we must also address the issues of waste, duplication and inefficiencies in our state.  Oklahoma citizens work too hard to see their tax dollars wasted.

Gary knows that we must make tough decisions today if we expect to give our children and grandchildren the same opportunities we were given by our parents and grandparents.

Please join me today in supporting Gary Jones, CPA, for Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector."
   - U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

“I am very grateful and proud that Senator Coburn has endorsed my campaign for State Auditor and Inspector,” said Jones.

“It’s very meaningful because Coburn is known as a fierce watch dog for all Oklahomans and the citizens across the United States.  The Senator’s endorsement will bring in a lot of voters to my sincere effort to restore faith and trust to an office that has been mismanaged and out of sync for years.”

Click here to learn more about Gary Jones and his campaign for State Auditor.


  1. So you got this information about the endorsement from Coburn himself? Just wondering.

  2. The Jones campaign issued a press release today regarding the Coburn endorsement. This comes as no surprise, given that Coburn endorsed Jones in his most recent run for State GOP Chairman.

  3. Gary Jones will make a phenominal State Auditor! He is exactly what Oklahoma needs in order to root out the corruption that has infiltrated so many state/county agencies and school districts. Gary has proven this already (outside of getting paid for his services), and as a certified FRAUD examiner he is better qualified for this position
    than his opponent - governor appointed Steve Burrage.

    Those who have "a bone of contention" against Gary need to put the personal politics aside and help elect Gary Jones as Oklahoma's next State Auditor and Inspector - for the good of our state!


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