Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Conservative View: Those Were The Good Ole Days

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner and conservative activist Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

Those Were The Good Ole Days

We humans like to look back to the events of our past and reflect on a simpler time in our lives. I have fond memories of the time I spent on my father’s farm and the old swimming hole where I spent many hours with other children in our community having a good time in our nature’s swimming pool. Over the past couple of years I have observed the events taking place in our nation’s capital with all of the reckless spending of money that we don’t have. We Americans had better get a grip on reality and come to the realization that somewhere, somehow, someone is going to have to pay the bills. Far too many people do not have a grasp of economics and good fiscal stewardship. During the Bush administration there were several tax cuts that were passed; the only thing bad about them were they weren’t permanent. On January 1, 2011, if not renewed, they will expire and the American people will experience tax hikes like the world has never seen.

There are many taxes that will hit the American people, but one of the most unfair taxes will again be a burden upon all Americans. The death tax, in my opinion, goes against the very essence of what America is all about. Without the right of private property we citizens become property of the state. When I earn money I must pay taxes upon my earnings, if I use good sense with the remainder of money that I have after taxes and save it, I feel that money should be mine to do with as I please. If I choose to save it and pass it on to my decedents, it should be theirs to do with as they please. Under the Bush tax cuts this year “2010” there will be no taxes upon that money, after January 1, 2011, your heirs will be facing a up to a 55% tax on their inheritance.

The inheritance tax is only one of many. It seems to me that many people are obsessed with getting free health care and the Bush tax cuts expiring are of little interest to them. If we think that we have it bad now, it is nothing to what we will be facing if we don’t get a congress that believes in allowing people to have the right of private property. Maybe George Bush wasn’t perfect, but those were the good ole days.
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[MP note] At his recent town hall meeting in Muskogee, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Muskogee), when asked about the Bush tax cuts, had this to say: "They're not Bush's tax cuts - they're your tax cuts!"


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