Friday, September 10, 2010


DJ said...

Can Thompson make up the difference in the few short weeks left? That's a huge gap.

Anonymous said...

"strong personal connection with voters"?? Telephone town halls and form letter responses? Give me a break!

Charles is lagging in funds, limiting his communication with voters, but he has feet on the ground supporting him. Maybe it will turn around in the next 52 days.

Bobbie McAuliffe

Anonymous said...

it's been a month since this poll from the Boren camp. Any new or outside numbers available? New events to factor in: Coburn's endorsement and Boren's vote to adjourn before voting on the tax cuts to name a few. This race isn't on the national radar, but OK - Dist. 2 counts. 3 weeks out, would be nice to see the spread closing in.