Tuesday, September 07, 2010

OKGOP Chair Pinnell: Serfdom Through Sidewalks

Serfdom Through Sidewalks
by Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell

President Obama announced yesterday a proposal for another $50 billion ‘stimulus’ package aimed at our nation’s infrastructure. Let me put that in plain Okie: he wants to build more roads and sidewalks with your tax dollars.

Obama’s recycled policy of more stimulus dollars isn’t going to generate job growth, only build upon a mountain of debt and further spook private investment.  With the unemployment rate rising to 9.6 percent in August, Obama’s summer of recovery didn’t happen, and the only solution Democrats have? Throw more of our tax dollars at it, of course.

This President should be a one-termer for many reasons, but I’d argue the biggest is his lack of faith in the American people. Big government isn’t the answer, and Americans know it. We want a President to stand up and defend us, set us loose, not talk down to us and handcuff the country with further government intervention and bureaucracy.

“The Road to Serfdom,” the infamous book written by economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek, warned of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making. He argued that the abandonment of individualism and freedom ultimately leads to socialist oppression and the “serfdom of the individual.”

It starts with harmless sidewalks, but no doubt that’s just the beginning for the Obama Administration. Every Oklahoma Democrat candidate owes us an explanation on whether they stand with Obama and his latest stimulus…that includes Jari Askins who has been silent thus far.

Serfdom through sidewalks? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: November 2nd is our jackhammer.


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