Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Salute to Dedication: State Rep. John Wright

State Rep. John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) embodies the definition of a dedicated statesman. Barely twenty-four hours after undergoing surgery to repair a detached retina, Wright was back on the House floor, performing his legislative duties.

Wright still bore the evidence of his very recent surgery - namely, a wristband and pair of dark glasses.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Wright has never missed a day of session in his twelve years as a legislator. Even under difficult circumstances, such as surgery for a detached retina, he strives to fulfill his duties as a representative of the people of Broken Arrow.

I think you'll agree with me - that is dedication.


  1. Amazing! Way to go Rep. Wright!

  2. His detachment was apparently in a location that allowed him to sit upright. Many people with detachments have to remain either flat on their face or lying on one side to keep the gas bubble pressure against the detachment.

    I'm not sure I applaud his dedication, because risking his own vision in order to maintain a perfect attendance record in the state legislature in Oklahoma may not show good judgement. (Sorry, totally my opinion - a person who has also suffered a retina detachment).

  3. To me, this was incredibly dumb--esp if he was supposed to be facedown. Oh, well--hope that eye doesn't end up blind like mine did.

  4. Rep. Wright was given clearance by his doctor to return to his duties (as long as he held his head at a certain tilt, etc, which he did).

  5. This being his 2nd retinal detachment (he had one on his other eye, as he mentioned in his speech Tues. night) I'm pretty sure he knows how to handle himself post-surgery just fine. While most would have taken the high road and used surgery as a nice pass at completing duties, Rep. Wright proved that he is committed to the responsiblities given to him and sought to complete them to the best of his ability. This kind of work ethic is a rarity these days. I wish him all the best in his recovery


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