Thursday, May 20, 2010

Huckabee Statement on Lankford Endorsement

Huck PAC Endorses James Lankford For Congress In Oklahoma
by Mike Huckabee

James Lankford knows how to lead people, manage a budget and has the experience of running a large organization. James is a gifted communicator who will go to Congress as a statesman, not a politician and work for the right kind of change in our government.

James shares my commitment to common sense solutions that are needed for strong national defense, real border security, less government control, domestic energy solutions, lower tax rates, defending human life and more individual liberty.

I encourage Republicans in Oklahoma’s 5th District to vote for James Lankford in the July 27 primary. Congress will benefit from a strong dose of the solidly conservative Oklahoma spirit and deeply patriotic American passion that James brings to the political arena.

To learn more James visit his website at: