Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Musical Interlude

Interrupting our political broadcast for a brief musical interlude...

Those of you who know me probably realize that I'm a big fan of classical music. I play the violin, mostly classical stuff, and I listen to it. Besides various talk radio stations, my next most listened to station is KWTU Classical 88.7FM.

I heard these two songs last night on 88.7, and they are swiftly becoming favorites.

Here is Edward Elgar's In the South (Alassio).

This one is by Max Bruch; the 4th movement of his Scottish Fantasy. This is an upbeat rendition of the Scottish patriotic song Scots Wha Hae - Robert Burne's lyrics to an old Scottish tune associated with the Battle of Bannockburn and the Scottish War for Independence in the early 1300's. This song has an incredible violin solo part...