Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Conservative View: Too Big For Your Britches

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

Too Big For Your Britches

We humans can experience problems in our life; it is a sad fact that many times we create most of those problems ourselves. Whenever anyone becomes so arrogant they think that they are above the law, or too good to lose in any competition, they are on the fast track to getting a much deserved dose of reality. Throughout my life I have heard my parents on many occasions comment on someone that got over confident, they would often say that the person was “getting too big for their britches”. I feel that that same analogy could be applied to the results of the Senate race in Massachusetts.

While the outcome was a victory for the conservative candidate Scott Brown, we conservatives would be foolish to believe that this one race is a trend for the conservatives to somehow ride a wave of support to being the majority in the US Senate. While some would say that this race is a wakeup call for the Democrat party, I believe it to be a wakeup call for all political parties. The Republican Party gained the majority during the Clinton Presidency because the people of America spoke with a loud voice that they didn’t want the government controlling more aspects of their lives. For a while the Republicans held to their conservative values, and then they fell into the trap of wanting to maintain their power and stay in office at any price. I have found that when anyone is willing to pay any price for something it is just a matter of time until the price becomes so high they can never pay it. When we conservatives hold true to our beliefs we have the ability to make the hard choices based upon logic. Often people don’t like the consequences of the hard choices, but in the long run we are better off to take the bitter medicine and get it over with.

The people of Massachusetts merely made a choice based upon the issues of today. The health care issue has many Americans worried about the size and scope of government. The liberals were locked in full throttle to pass the health care reforms even though the American people were not supporting it. We conservatives need to listen to the voters and be willing to use our conservative values to justify our decisions, if we start to get too big for our britches the voters will let us know.

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