Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Conservative View: A Lesson Re-Learned

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

A Lesson Re-Learned

Being a conservative it is easy to get discouraged about the status of our government and the policies that are being rammed down the throat of the American people. It is evident to see that the mainstream media owes their allegiance to the liberal philosophy. It is sad that the mainstream media no longer has the ability to report issues in an honest and unbiased fashion. When you look at history, the conservative cause has always had to overcome the status quo. Today we are fortunate to have other sources such as the internet and talk radio, the people that founded this country did not have anything as good as we do today. I believe that the desire for freedom enabled our founding fathers to do remarkable and great things. I believe that desire is a part of our genetic makeup. Far too often we have a bad habit of allowing someone to make us believe that the grass is greener on the other hill, more often than not when we get there it is not what we were led to believe.

Just a little over a year ago the pundits were ready to read the obituary for the conservative belief system, now their obituary seems a little premature. I am old enough to have had the honor to have voted for Ronald Wilson Reagan. I remember the mess our country was in due to Jimmy Carter and his cronies promising greener pastures. It has been several years since President Reagan came to power; the voters of that day re-learned our conservative values. Reagan believed in a limited government, strong defense and above all freedom. I saw firsthand the pride in our country that was generated because of those values. Over the past few weeks I have seen the American spirit rekindled.

Even though ridiculed by the main stream press, the tea party movement has grown into a force and a focal point for conservative values. Next Tuesday there will be an election in Massachusetts to fill the senate seat formally held by the late Ted Kennedy. According to recent polls the conservative candidate Scott Brown is leading, just a short time ago this would have been impossible. The events of the last year seemed to have awakened the dormant gene that made this country great. As long as we can re-learn our conservative values when we go chasing greener pastures there will be hope for our country.
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