Monday, January 25, 2010

New OK Government Resource -

There's a great new resource for all things state government -
Introducing, the web site that was built by two assistants to be your one-stop shop for frequently accessed Oklahoma state web sites and contact information.

Our perspective is unique because we work for Legislators, we work with state agencies, and we work for the people of Oklahoma . Creating this web site is our solution to streamlining and making government more efficient for the state of Oklahoma and the people we serve.
The website is run by two assistants at the State Capitol - one who works for a state senator, and another who works for a state representative. Their experience in working with constituents has been invaluable in finding these resources, which will be very helpful not only for other legislative assistants, but for everyday Oklahoma citizens, as is laid out in a much more user-friendly manner than any of Oklahoma governmental websites.


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