Monday, January 18, 2010

Showdown: Brown vs. Coakley

Tomorrow, the special election for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat will be held. Republican State Sen. Scott Brown has roared to an unexpected, and unprecedented, lead over Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley.

At the first of the year, polls showed Coakley with a lead of 16 points; surveys released today showed Brown winning by 9 and 10 percent.

A victory by Scott Brown would send shockwaves through Washington, and likely signal the end of Obama's health care plan (unless House and Senate Democrats can suddenly stop squabbling over the bill, and vote on it in some manner before Brown can be seated).

The final showdown occurs tomorrow. Only time will tell whether the upstart Republican can pull off the unthinkable: defeating a DEMOCRAT, in MASSACHUSETTS, in TED KENNEDY'S old seat.


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