Monday, September 14, 2009

Phoenix Finally Posts Rock's Coburn-bashing Column

Yesterday evening, I posted Sen. Tom Coburn's rebuttal to Muskogee County Democrat chairman Calvin Rock's op-ed. At that time, the Muskogee Phoenix had not posted the column on their website, contrary to practice.

The Phoenix typically posts the Opinion page for the next day's issue the afternoon before. Sometimes, they don't get it done until the next morning, but that is very rare.

The Phoenix ran Rock's column in the print edition on Sunday, August 6th. Noticeably, for some reason they did not post it online.

At the time of my post last night, the article was still not online.

Check out what they did at 10:48 this morning:

(click to see larger picture)

Eight days after the fact, the Phoenix finally decides to post Rock's op-ed? I wonder what prompted them to do that...