Friday, September 04, 2009

The Obama Halo Appears Again

The reappearance of the halo of President/Saint Barack Hussein Obama, courtesy of (also on the White House's Flickr account).

The next picture is also from the same event, his town hall in Belgrade, Montana, on August 14th.

Where is that halo coming from? Is it a spotlight? It doesn't seem like there is a light behind the president from the first picture, or a light hanging from the ceiling. Is it photoshopped?

I remember all the halo pictures during/after the election, and inauguration. But were any of them actually on the White House website?


  1. It's just a light. The second photo doesn't help since it was taken looking a different direction. Look at the rafters - they're running a different direction in the second picture, meaning the second photo was taken at roughly 90-degrees from the first one.

  2. Yes, I see that, but it still doesn't look like there are lights on the walls. Rather, the lights appear to be suspended from the ceiling. I would like to see more pictures to verify that, however.

    But still, what is the obsession with photographing Obama with a halo?

  3. It's just Pete Souza and his photographic style. Stop reading too much into it.

  4. A) I wouldn't put it past them to photo shop it in.

    B) But, it looks like there is the outline of a boom lift against the far wall. It's fuzzy and it does appear to have an arm going up, but you can't see much since the rest would be obscured by Obama.

    The pic is taken from the stage rear left, so the wall in the pic would be a good position for temporary stage lighting.

    C) With all that said, the photog has to time that shot for the effect (backlight). Any misalignment and the light glare would ruin the shot.


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