Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Conservative View: Hurry Up and Sign

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner.
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

Hurry Up and Sign

All of us have experienced a pushy salesman. Whether we are shopping for an automobile or furniture, there is always a good supply of salesmen that will pressure you to sign the bottom line because the good deal is a onetime offer. We need to remind ourselves that there is always a good deal around the corner. When I bought my last computer, I thought that the price had bottomed out and I would never be able to buy the computer I needed for less money. In less than two months, I could have bought a computer with much more memory at a far cheaper price. Before we get into the frenzy of the moment, we need to look at all options available. The latest frenzy is the health care debate and, just like buying a lemon car, we could be paying a high price for signing the bottom line too soon.

We Americans are notorious for wanting a good deal. We are also notorious for not wanting to pay for the things we need, but we are willing to pay any price for luxury items that we only want. I have noticed that many people don’t have a good concept of running a business or paying their bills. When you look at some of their credit card statements, many people have went so far into debt they cannot make their payments and don’t have a clue to how they got there and how to solve the problem. I have found that for us to have anything of value, we must use discipline to acquire them. For example, if we want a new car a person might have to get a second job or cut back on some other expense to save the money to purchase it.

I feel that many Americans don’t want to be bothered about health care and would rather the government take care of it. They also think that when they need a doctor all they would have to do is to go to the local clinic and not pay anything. Without some type of sacrifice by the patient our system would be totally swamped. I am concerned about catastrophic illness, but for the run of the mill ailments we need to be willing to take care of it ourselves. We need to remember that signing too fast can be far worse than what we have now.
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