Thursday, May 07, 2009

Howard Houchen: A GOP Candidate Against Boren

From the Hugo Daily News:
Howard Houchen considers bid for 2nd District Congress

HUGO - Howard Houchen of Hugo, has confirmed that he is "seriously considering a run for the U.S. Congress" in 2010.

Houchen, a Republican from Hugo, has a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters in National Security Studies with an extensive international and small business background.

At present, Houchen says he is discussing a possible run for the District 2 Congressional seat presently held by Dan Boren, and will consider making a formal statement at a later date.

Houchen can be contacted at:

Houchen has a Twitter account, which you can follow here.

There are several rumored and/or announced GOP candidates for Boren's congressional seat (among them Dan Arnett of Okmulgee, and Lewis Spring, also of Hugo). I have personally spoken with potential candidates as well.

Whatever happens, there will be an active primary for the Republican Party when it comes to the 2nd Congressional District.


  1. Lewis Springs is from the Poteau area, I believe. I am certain he is not Hugoan.

  2. I have a copy of a six-page open letter to Pres. Obama (wherein Lewis Spring announces his candidacy) in which Mr. Spring states, "My wife and I live in a little town in Southeast Oklahoma. It was named after the passionate and intellectually honest, Victor Hugo. Look on your map, Mr. President and see if you can find Hugo, Oklahoma."

  3. He sounds like he might just be the one to kick Dan Boren out!

  4. Mr. Houchen and Mr. Arnett attended our last LeFlore County Republican monthly meeting.

    Both of them spent more time running Dan down than telling us about themself. Mr. Houchen was far and away the more energetic.

    Mr. Spring attended my TAX DAY TEA PARTY. I also have a copy of that six page announcement. Frankly, I like this man. I believe what we need in Washington is more citizen legislators. Mr. Spring does not mince words.

    It is far to early to get behind any candidate and I want to hear from others.


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