Thursday, May 28, 2009

DEALERGATE - Oklahoma Dealerships

In a follow-up on my previous post regarding Dealergate, let's take a look at the dealerships picked for closure here in Oklahoma.

Ballard's of Clinton - Charles McKinsey, owner
Eddie Cordes Jeep-Eagle-Dodge (Lawton) - Eddie Cordes, owner
Fenton Motors of Stillwater - Travis Fenton, owner
Janzen Jeep (Enid) - Jerry Janzen, owner
Jensen's (Fairview) - Larry Jensen, owner
Crossroads Superstore (Atoka) - Robert Sullins, owner
John Thomas Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep (Cordell) - John Thomas, owner
Milo Gordon Chrysler (Lawton) - Michael Wyatt, owner
Oakley Jeep (Bartlesville) - David Oakley Jr., owner
Reynolds Autogroup (Durant) - Terry Reynolds, owner
Williams Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep (Stigler) - Buren Williams Jr., owner
Wilson Jeep (Stillwater) - Dathan Wilson, owner

Let's also examine their political contributions.

Eddie Cordes: $4,750 to the Republican Party since 2000
Jerry Janzen: $650 to state GOP candidates
Robert Sullins: $500 to Brad Carson (D), $500 to State Sen. Jay Paul Gumm (D)
Michael Wyatt: $500 to Tom Cole (R), $1,350 for state Democrats, $250 for state Republicans
David Oakley Jr. : $1,000 for state Republican candidates
John Thomas: $500 for state GOP candidates
David Oakley Jr.: donated to PACs, mostly before 2000
Terry Reynolds: $500 to Jim Inhofe (R), $250 to Dan Boren (D), $500 to Brad Henry (D)
Dathan Wilson: $100 to state GOP candidates

That comes down to $8,250 to Republican candidates versus $3,100 to Democrats. Once I get the time, I will break down the dealerships that will remain open.


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