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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State Rep. John Wright to run for Lt. Governor

State Rep. John Wright (R, Broken Arrow) has decided to run for Lieutenant Governor, and will officially announce his candidacy this afternoon at 2:00pm.

His website went live this morning; you can view it here.

He joins State Rep. Colby Schwartz as the Republican candidates for the Lieutenant Governorship. State Senator Kenneth Corn (D, Poteau) is the only officially announced Democrat in the race; State Rep. John Carey (D, Durant) is said to be considering jumping in. The current Lieutenant Governor is Democrat Jari Askins, who is running for Governor.


Anonymous said...

There's a good possibility that another Republican may enter the race...but I can't tell you who.

Jamison Faught said...

State Sen. Todd Lamb is also being touted as a potential candidate. He received a plurality of votes at the Stephens County Fish Fry Straw Poll (44 for Lamb, 38 for Wright, 14 for Schwartz, 131 undecided).

Other people mentioned for the office include past candidates Todd Hiett and Scott Pruitt.