Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rose Day

Short update on Rose Day at the Capitol...

I didn't get an exact count on the legislators who attended. Three Democrat Pro-Life Senators and 15-20 Republican Pro-Life Senators were present; committee meetings were going on, so some from both parties were not there. 25-30 Democrat Pro-Life Representatives and 40-50 Republican Pro-Life Representatives were in attendance as well. Again, some were not present from both parties. The emcee was State Rep. Pam Peterson (R, Tulsa); introducing pro-life Democrats were State Rep. R.C. Pruett (D, Antlers) and Sen. Kenneth Corn (D, Howe). State Rep. Dan Sullivan (R, Tulsa) and State Sen. Todd Lamb (R, Edmond) introduced the pro-life Republicans.

It was standing room only in the House Chamber; a quick estimate put the total, excluding legislators, at around 600, give or take 50 or so. A very large crowd, the largest I've ever seen at the House Chamber.

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  1. Coolness! Yeah it was pretty crowded last year...I wish I could be at the Capitol more or worked there....although I wouldn't want to work there when there is no's too dead/quiet. It would kill me.


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