Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Local School Board Results

From the Muskogee Phoenix:

In Muskogee, Saunders received 388 votes, or 63.61 percent to Bonney’s 222 votes or 36.39 percent. [...]

Bonney said after the election that he wishes Saunders “the best.” [...]

He said he was shocked at the low turnout in Muskogee.

The voter turnout was abysmally low; only 610 votes were cast. However, we are glad to see that Bonney was not the victor. We certainly hope that Muriel Saunders will do a good job in her next term, and do a better job at being present for school board meetings.

the Hilldale school board election, challenger Shawn Kuykendall smashed incumbent Eldon Schoonover 686 (91.59%) to 68 (8.41%).

On another race, here's what the Phoenix had to say:

However, Kuykendall didn’t have the night’s biggest margin of victory. In the Cherokee County dependent school district of Woodall, David Sevier defeated Jeremy L. Hitchcock by taking 98.41 percent of the vote. One person voted for Hitchcock.

Talk about a smashing victory...