Friday, November 17, 2023

State Dep't of Ed releases statewide school report card; Walters call scores "unacceptable"

OSDE Releases Statewide School Report Card
Stagnant, Unacceptable Results Show Need for Back to Basics

Oklahoma City, Okla (Nov. 15th) – The Oklahoma State Department of Education released the statewide School Report Card today, showing results for testing in Spring, 2023.

“While these scores show data from previous years, they are simply unacceptable,” said State Superintendent Ryan Walters. “I will not allow Oklahoma to continue to fail, that’s why we are taking a Back to Basics approach. We are implementing robust school choice options for parents, have rolled out the greatest teacher recruitment program in the country, and are reinstituting accountability for discipline in the classroom. The Oklahoma Legislature is investing record amounts to address education in our state, but for too long, our schools have focused on social experimentation rather than educational outcomes. My message to the people of Oklahoma is clear: we are righting this ship, and we will make Oklahoma a leader in education again.”

Some School Report Card results:

  • Reading proficiency showed a decline overall, from 27.2% to 26.3% - a net decrease of 0.9% from 2022
  • In 8th grade reading scores, only 19.3% were proficient in 2023, a 5.7% decrease. No other grade had more than a 0.4% decrease in reading scores, which was 7th grade.
  • 4th and 6th grade were the two grades that saw a very small uptick in reading scores
  • Math scores increased slightly overall, from 24.9% to 25.1%
  • 3rd, 7th, and 8th grade all saw decreases in proficiency rates in math while 4th, 5th, and 6th grade all saw proficiency rates rise by more than 1% in math

To read the full Oklahoma School Report Card, visit:


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