Wednesday, November 08, 2023

LOL: OK House Dems Leader calls CPAC a "Right-Wing Extremist Organization"

This is so laughable.

First of all, the "extremists" in the Oklahoma Legislature are the House and Senate Democrats, rabidly in favor of abortion without limitation whatsoever (i.e. the unabated murder of the preborn), the "trans-ing" and sexual perverting of kids via the LGBT agenda, et cetera; so far politically outside of the mainstream of Oklahomans that they have been reduced to a tiny "super-minority" in the Legislature.  

Rep. Munson essentially finds any generic Republican/conservative thought to be "right-wing extremism", so... her take is pretty much nonsense.

Furthermore, CPAC has affirmed and celebrated conservative homosexual groups over the past several years, particularly since Donald Trump's rise to prominence and his general friendliness to things LGBT. On many issues, especially social and moral ones, CPAC and the American Conservative Union are not quite the paragons of conservatism they once may have been.

Read on for a good laugh:

Leader Munson Responds to Ranking by Right-Wing Extremist Organization

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson (D-Oklahoma City) responded to the recent praise for Oklahoma’s Legislature receiving a high ranking by a right-wing extremist organization, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"As representatives who are tasked with coming together to do what is best for all Oklahomans, we should not be proud of being ranked highly by a right-wing extremist organization," said Representative Cyndi Munson (D-Oklahoma City). "CPAC is known for peddling conspiracy theories and touting issues that distract us from tackling the challenges Oklahoma faces. Our leaders should be focused on fixing our public schools, letting families and doctors determine their own healthcare decisions, and developing real solutions around building good jobs in our state. Parading extremist positions to the media does nothing to move our state forward."


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