Monday, October 16, 2023

State Superintendent Walters rolls out 'Back to Basics' plan in Guymon

Walters Rolls Out Back to Basics Plan in Guymon

Guymon, Okla – State Superintendent Ryan Walters rolled out his Back to Basics plan with leaders in Guymon today.

“Our students are at risk of falling even further behind, and that has serious long term consequences for the Oklahoma economy,” said Walters. “The business community understands that I am introducing free market principles into our education system because the common sense solutions that work for business are already working in to help our kids.

I am so excited to share this plan with folks in the panhandle; they are the are the very center of the Oklahoma economy and their schools face unique challenges. Building on the success of the Teacher Signing Bonus program, Back to Basics focuses on student outcomes, not social experimentation.”

Walters is obligating $9.2 million in immediate funding of the Back to Basics plan that connects students with a network of highly trained teachers and tutors. With this funding, students will have access to an additional 140,000 hours of one-on-one support for math and reading this school year. Teachers and tutors can receive up to $2400 in tutoring and an additional $4000 in growth bonuses.


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