Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Chairman Dahm: 'OKGOP stands by Governor Stitt in his pursuit to cut taxes'

OKGOP Chairman and State Sen. Nathan Dahm

Chairman Dahm: OKGOP stands by Governor Stitt in his pursuit to cut taxes

Oklahoma City, OK (October 02, 2023) - The Oklahoma State Republican Party Chairman released the following statement of support today for Governor Kevin Stitt’s conservative agenda ahead of the upcoming special legislative session:

“As so-called “Bidenomics” continues to hold our wallets hostage, the OKGOP stands by Governor Stitt in his pursuit to cut taxes and deliver immediate relief to Oklahomans in this special session. As Republicans, our platform shows that we believe in lower taxes and less spending, and we applaud Governor Stitt for his unwavering commitment to fiscal conservatism, government accountability, and tax fairness.

The Governor’s call for tax cuts is a direct response to Oklahomans who are struggling to keep up with the disastrous effects of Bidenflation. The Oklahoma Republican Party believes that when taxes are low, our people and businesses will thrive, and our state will prosper. We hope that all Republicans will unite towards this goal.”


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