Monday, March 20, 2023

Rep. Olsen: Fallacies abound in Pro-Abortion Bill – Senate Bill 834

Fallacies abound in Pro-Abortion Bill – Senate Bill 834
By State Rep. Jim Olsen (R-Roland)

Senate Bill 834 is the pro-abortion bill that Oklahomans For Life Chairman Tony Lauinger is pushing hard for, but is probably dead for this session.  There are numerous fallacies associated with this bill.  Here are just a few.

Fallacy 1: “This bill is about making our abortion laws more clear, consistent and uniform, and clarifying exceptions.”
Truth: Nonsense!  This bill does three things that substantially weaken and undermine our laws against abortion: 

  1. Adds exceptions (rape, incest, and sexual assault),
  2. Repeals our statute against self-induced abortion, and 
  3. Protects "contraceptives" that are sometimes abortifacients.

Fallacy 2
: “But there are statistics that show that we must support SB 834!”
Truth: No, there are not.  The chairman of Oklahomans for Life has always held a weak position on abortion law.  Somehow, he framed some questions in a survey that seem to support his position.  When polls are conducted, the exact wording of the question is critical.

It is also crucial to ask the right questions.  The pollsters didn't. In the poll Lauinger is touting, they never asked if the people would vote for a State Question enshrining abortion as a right in our state constitution.

Fallacy 3
: “This is a Pro-Life bill.”
Truth: This is absolutely NOT a pro-life bill.  This is a pro-abortion bill that will open the abortion clinics again.  It will add additional exceptions of rape, incest, and sexual assault.  According to Oklahomans For Life, they affirm that these exceptions would account for up to 5% of the total that would have gotten abortions in the old days.  That number ranged from 4,000 to 5,000 per year. So, the bill that Oklahomans For Life is pushing will cause 200 to 250 baby murders per year.  This is a pro-abortion bill and a pro-death bill.

Fallacy 4
: “We may get a state question on abortion that would enshrine abortion as a right in our state constitution.  SB 834 will protect us from this.”
Truth: History does not support this hopeful conjecture.  This pro-abortion bill, SB 834, will NOT protect us from a state question.  The left will run a state question on this regardless of what we do.  They will never be satisfied with anything less than full abortion on demand.

Fallacy 5
: “Oklahomans For Life is just doing normal, pro-life advocacy like all of the other pro-life organizations (in supporting SB 834).”
Truth: No, they are not. They are undermining, weakening, and dismantling our strong Oklahoma pro-life laws.  So, an ostensibly pro-life organization is advocating for the loosening of our laws against abortion. This has never happened before!  This is entirely unprecedented!

Fallacy 6
: “We would be better to follow the advice of this well-respected pro-life organization.”
Truth: Oklahomans For Life has always been weak, halting and defeatist in their approach.   For the most part, they have not supported the strong bills against abortion that either did or would have closed the abortion clinics.

If we had followed their advice over the years, Oklahoma's abortion clinics would still be open today.  If we follow Tony Lauinger's advice now, those abortion clinics will re-open.

Fallacy 7
: “Oklahomans for Life will protect politicians who vote for SB 834”
Truth: There is – and should be - no political protection for a Republican politician who votes for a pro-abortion bill.  They will lose in a primary, to someone who really is pro-life.  If a Republican legislator wants to go into another line of work, they should vote for the pro-abortion bill, SB 834.

Abortion is murder, and an abomination in the sight of God. We should never allow it to gain a foothold in our state again. Help us protect the unborn by going to and asking your state representatives and senators to oppose pro-abortion bill SB 834!

State Rep. Jim Olsen (R-Roland) represents District 2 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which covers all of Sequoyah County.


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