Thursday, February 09, 2023

OK Senate Republicans vote to re-legalize and expand abortion in "limited" (for now) circumstances

Told you this would happen.

This morning, Senate Republicans on the Health & Human Services Committee voted for three measures related to the topic of abortion, one of which re-legalizes and expands abortion in "limited" (for now) circumstances.

This comes less than 24 hours after the pro-life Rose Day at the State Capitol, and 48 hours after abortion abolitionists visited legislators. 

Political chameleons. Shameful.

From FreeTheStates:

SB368 (by Jessica Garvin) will protect all contraceptive drugs and in-vitro fertilization treatments. While not all forms of IVF and birth control result in the killing of human beings, many of them do. SB368 would protect even the murderous forms of these practices.

SB931 (Garvin) would similarly protect abortifacient birth control drugs by redefining the "practice of pharmacy" to include the dispensing of self-administered hormonal contraceptives that are approved by the FDA. These hormonal "contraceptives" often induce abortions.

Also on the list is Senator Daniels' bill (SB834) to reintroduce certain exceptions into Oklahoma abortion law including exceptions that allow for the murder of humans conceived in rape and incest, while also legalizing self-managed abortion in Oklahoma.

SB 368 passed unanimously, SB 931 passed 10-1 (Republican Adam Pugh voted against), and SB 834 passed 9-2 (both Democratic members voted against).

You read that right. "Pro-life" Republicans voted to legalize abortions, while the Democrats voted against (though because they want even further legalization of baby murder).

Here's more from FTS:

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  1. So not surprising. Last year, Garvin introduced, what I call "The Period Bill" which would put a tax on feminine hygiene products in Oklahoma to help women who "can't afford" feminine hygiene products. We sat there and watched in utter horror as THE MAJORITY OF THE SENATE VOTED FOR IT. There is no conservatism anymore - it's a myth.


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