Saturday, December 24, 2022

Sen. Dahm files bill to protect public and private Christmas Nativity displays

Sen. Dahm files Nativity Protection Act

OKLAHOMA CITY (December 22nd) – Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed legislation on Thursday to protect public and private Christmas Nativity displays.

“As we look forward to celebrating Christmas with our families in the coming days, we must protect time honored traditions in our state,” Dahm said. “One of these traditions is the display of nativity scenes representing the birth of Christ.”

Senate Bill 74 states that any county, municipality, city, town, school or any other political subdivision, or every person, individually or collectively as a group or organization, or every public or private business operating in the state, retain the authority to display, in its public or private buildings and on its grounds, a nativity scene.

“Bad actors have been attempting to demonize and eliminate our traditions and holidays for years,” Dahm said. “This bill ensures that any person or entity that wishes to celebrate Christmas by displaying a nativity scene can do so without fear of repercussions.”


  1. Thank you Sen Dahm for this good bill.

  2. Sen Dahm, thank you for this bill!
    Angela Box


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