Wednesday, November 02, 2022

State Election Board releases official pre-election voter registration statistics

State Election Board Releases Official Pre-Election Voter Registration Statistics

(Oklahoma City) – Nearly 2.3 million Oklahomans are registered to vote ahead of the November 8 General Election, with a net increase of more than 77,000 registered voters since January 15 and a net increase of more than 175,000 registered voters since November 1, 2018.

Oklahoma’s voter registration statistics show that registered Republicans now make up 51.19% of Oklahoma’s registered voters, while Democrats make up 29.95% of registered voters. Independents make up the third largest group of registered voters with 18%, while Libertarians continue to increase voter registration numbers with 0.86%. It is the first time that official voter registration statistics show Democrats at less than 30% of registered voters. As recently as 2014, Democrats were Oklahoma’s largest political party.

While voter registration has increased across the board for the two largest counties, Oklahoma County and Tulsa County, both counties have seen a significant growth in Independent voters. Independents currently account for 21.25% of voters in Oklahoma County and 19.46% of voters in Tulsa County, while Republicans and Democrats have actually decreased as a percentage of registered voters in those counties.

“We’re excited to see the overall voter registration trend moving upward in Oklahoma. Now, we want to see all registered voters take the next step – exercise their right and get out and vote this November,” said Paul Ziriax, Secretary of the State Election Board.

Here is a look at how current voter registration totals compare to previously released official numbers:


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