Saturday, November 12, 2022

Election Results Map: Gov, LtGov, and State Superintendent races

I've finally gotten the time to update my long-running Election Results Maps series with some posts looking at the 2022 Oklahoma general election.

For now, we'll look at the race for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Superintendent. I'll work on additional races as I find the time.

Gov. Stitt ended up blowing the race apart, compared to what most polls had leading up to election day. He ran up the score in rural Oklahoma, more than making up for his urban challenges.

Hofmeister won Oklahoma County (+13.27%), Cleveland County (+6.55%), and Tulsa County (+0.21%, a mere 415 votes). The next closest counties were Cherokee (Stitt +1.32%; Cherokee Nation headquarters), Payne (Stitt +2.11%), and Pontotoc (Stitt +6.07%; Chickasaw Nation headquarters).

Oklahoma County will continue to be a problem for Republicans, though Tulsa County seems to be improving. Indian country went for Stitt by generally large margins, despite the tens of millions spent against Stitt by the Tribes.

Ironically, the Libertarian and Independent candidates' best county was the same - Cotton County.

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell won all 77 counties, and if you take Oklahoma (5.8% lead), Tulsa (20.9% lead), and Cleveland (13.6% lead) counties out, his average county lead was over 57%.

Other than the gubernatorial race, the State Superintendent contest was the only competitive statewide race. I'll be honest - I did not expect Walters to win, much less by this wide of a margin. 

Nelson won Oklahoma County by 12.78%, Cleveland County by 4.87%, and Payne County by 1.87%. Walters won Tulsa County by 2.67%, or 5,140 votes. Walters did better than Stitt in Oklahoma and Cleveland counties as well as Tulsa. Once again, rural Oklahoma came through for the GOP candidate.

I'll cover more races in another post when I get the time. I've been in the middle of a small remodel at home and short on blogging time.


  1. I always look forward to seeing your maps!

  2. Highly edifying maps! Thanks very much.


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