Friday, January 07, 2022

Sen. Dahm files bill allowing sheriffs to arrest feds who confiscate guns, form posses to protect their county

Sen. Dahm files bill allowing sheriffs to arrest feds who confiscate guns, form posses to protect their county

OKLAHOMA CITY – In response to the growing concerns over federal violations of constitutionally-protected rights, Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed a trio of bills to strengthen the power of county sheriffs. Senate Bill 1199 would prohibit federal officers from carrying out any gun confiscation measures in Oklahoma. Senate Bill 1200 would require federal agents to notify the sheriff before operating in their county. Senate Bill 1201 would allow sheriffs to form posses to defend their county in times of emergency, disaster or from federal overreach.

“The Second Amendment clearly says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” Dahm said. “It is becoming ever more evident that the current administration holds almost no regard for the Constitution or our rights. We must be proactive in protecting the people of Oklahoma against any attempts at infringements from the feds.”

SB 1199 would expand the Second Amendment Sanctuary Act passed last year by allowing a mechanism for sheriffs to arrest federal officers attempting gun confiscation.

“I’ve heard from numerous sheriffs and constituents across this state who are concerned at the consistent ignoring of our Constitution happening by this rogue regime” Dahm said. “The Second Amendment was never solely about hunting unless you’re referring to hunting tyrants. It was about the people being able to protect themselves against a government that would seek to disarm them.”

SB 658, dubbed the “Second Amendment Sanctuary Act” was signed into law in 2021. Numerous legislators filed various bills on the topic with a final toned down version ultimately passing both the Senate and House and then signed by Governor Stitt.

“The original version of SB 658 had stronger teeth to enforce the law,” Dahm said. “Unfortunately we have those in the State Senate who prefer to operate like Chuck Schumer and think we need to bow to whatever the feds dictate. We can no longer allow those who are more concerned with federal funds dictating watered down versions of bills by excluding actual mechanisms to defend the rights of the people.”

SB 1200 would require that any federal agents or officers receive permission from the county sheriff before operating in their county.

“The county sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement officer in the county. And it’s become evident we can’t have unelected bureaucrats or agents of the rogue regime in D.C. operating in our state without accountability.” Dahm said. “This bill will bring accountability by an Oklahoman who is elected by the people of Oklahoma, not someone over a thousand miles away.”

SB 1201 would further empower sheriffs by expanding their ability to call on the people of Oklahoma for additional support by forming a posse.

“Under current law, sheriffs can call upon the people of their county to deal with certain issues such as riots,” Dahm said. “With this bill to expand the law, it would allow them to also protect against infringements by agents of the federal government.”

The bill expands the reasons for a posse to include prohibiting agents, employees, and officers of the federal government from violating the constitutional rights of the people of their county.

“The full totalitarian leftist takeover of a society has always been predicated on confiscation of firearms,” Dahm said. “Thankfully in Oklahoma we have county sheriffs that would never allow that to take place. But we must do everything possible to help them stand up for our rights and this bill further enables them to do that.”

The bill also expands who is allowed to be a part of a posse. Current law only allows citizens of a county to be called up to help.  Under this new proposed language, a county sheriff could call upon Oklahoma citizens from other counties to assist them as well.

“The Second Amendment is the provision that protects all the other rights listed in the Constitution,” Dahm said. “I’ll always continue to lead the fight to protect and expand the rights of the people, sheriffs and others who are standing with us. Even if we have to stand against those in ‘leadership’ positions who bow to the pressure of being swamped by D.C. due to their lack of backbone. We cannot afford to react after the fact, we must proactively stop gun confiscation from even being considered in Oklahoma.”


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