Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Meet the candidate running for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma and Kansas -- at the same time

The 2022 campaign for U.S. Senate here in Oklahoma figures to be a lively one, featuring a well-known incumbent, two upstart challengers (one fringe newbie, the other a multiterm conservative legislator), and... someone who's giving it a shot in two states "hoping to get into office in at least one of them!"

No joke.

Meet Joan Farr, candidate for United States Senate in the states of Oklahoma and Kansas.

She's certainly got a colorful campaign pitch, detailed on her website. Here are some highlights from her website:
She took in homeless and disabled young people, and still managed to run for office in 2010 and 2014 using mostly her own money. She couldn’t get donations since the button continued to be blocked on her websites.
I'm gonna chalk that up to some technical problems with her website, not active blocking by the government or web hosting.
Her tax returns show an adjusted gross income under $10K for 2016-2018, but she made way too much money in 2019 and has to pay back.
Kudos for being upfront and transparent?

It gets better:
She did support President Obama briefly in 2007 because he offered to do everything he could to get her off the terrorist watch list. However, after he was elected in 2008, he did nothing.

She then goes on to say that she believes Jesus wouldn't be a member of either the Democratic or Republican parties, so she registered as an Independent for a number of years, finally switching back to Republican in November 2020 to support Donald Trump.
She is running in both Kansas and Oklahoma since she has a residence in both states, hoping to get into office in at least one of them!

This certainly is a unique strategy. It's totally legal, though rare, as residency is not a requirement for federal offices. 

Farr has a history of candidacy in both states. In 2010, she seems to have started, then dropped, a bid for Kansas Governor as a Republican. In 2014, she ran for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma as an Independent, finishing fourth out of five candidates with 1.3% of the vote. She ran again in 2020, as an Independent, taking fourth of five again with 1.4% of the vote.

"My extensive research and experience shows that CIA agents are posing as minimally trained medical personnel in Wichita area hospitals to try and cause the death of patients from ‘natural causes.’ They are also extorting money from unsuspecting wealthy people using the court system. If elected, I will be working to ban the CIA in Kansas."

She also has a "Get Out Of Debt" plan for lower class people that includes "voluntary" government monitoring and surveillance via an ankle bracelet to ensure good conduct. Another plank of her platform is getting a Medal of Honor for her father, who died in combat in Vietnam.

You can read more about her candidacy at JoanFarr.com.

Coming to a ballot near you!


  1. Good luck honey. I see #4 on the horizon again.

  2. Good Luck Honey. I see #4 on the horizon again. (eyeroll)


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