Saturday, September 04, 2021

Markwayne Mullin talks overseas trip, Afghan rescue effort on Fox News

Congressman Markwayne Mullin made headlines this week after going seemingly off-the-radar for a time while involved in an effort to evacuate some American citizens and allies from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Media reports alleged that he "threatened" U.S. embassy staff in Tajikistan when they refused to assist his team, and made it sound like Mullin had charged in on a one-man Rambo mission.

This was evidently Mullin's second attempt to sponsor a flight into Afghanistan. His flight was not allowed clearance to land. "I don't know who shut us down, but I think it was 100 percent directed from the State Department," Mullin said. 

Mullin said they have a list of at least 50 Americans who are stranded in the war-torn region, unable to get out and seemingly abandoned by the Biden administration. One mother and her children have not been heard of since the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport gate that they were waiting at. Another mother and her kids tried five times to get to the airport, and was unable to, with a Taliban guard putting a gun to her head the last time.

"And when I say that blood is on his hands, that means President Biden's hands? I mean that with everything in my heart," Mullin said.


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