Friday, September 10, 2021

State Reps file bipartisan Data Privacy Act of 2022

Reps. Josh West, Walke File Data Privacy Act of 2022

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, Majority Leader Rep. Josh West, R-Grove, and Rep. Collin Walke, D-Oklahoma City, filed the Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act of 2022. 

“The importance of data privacy legislation cannot be overstated,” West said. “In 2018, President Donald Trump created the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. The commission’s 700-plus page report explains that not only are ‘[a]dversaries using AI systems to enhance disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks,’ but they are also ‘harvesting data on Americans to build profiles of their beliefs, behavior, and biological makeup for tailored attempts to manipulate or coerce individuals.’ I will not sit idly by while private information like our biological makeup is pilfered by profiteering tech companies so they can get rich by selling our data and we can be exploited. I stand beside former President Trump and his commission, and that is why I am authoring this legislation in accordance with the commission’s recommendations.”

Walke said, “The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence explained that America is ill-prepared for the next decade of technological development, and part of that is due to a lack of governmental action in regulating things like data privacy. It is time that we heed the advice of security experts like the National Security Commission and pass meaningful data privacy legislation. We must be part of the solution and not the problem.”

“Last session we attempted to comprise with many in the tech industry on our data privacy legislation, but many preferred to not meet us halfway and stopped our bill in the Senate,” West said. “Because data privacy is clearly a matter of personal, state and national security, we cannot wait any longer for implementation. That is why I am proud that we have authored the most stringent data privacy law in the nation for the second year in a row.”

“Your right to privacy is enshrined in our state and federal constitutions and the National Security Commission’s report mentions privacy dozens upon dozens of times,” Walke said. “The commission literally says, ‘the Internet of Things, cars, phones, homes, and social media platforms collect streams of data, which can then be fed into AI systems that can identify, target, and manipulate or coerce our citizens.’ What more do we need to be told in order to wake up and realize that this is a real problem that must be taken seriously? I am proud to partner with Representative West again to fight for our constitutional rights and to protect the citizens of this great State.”

House Bill 2969 can be read online here.

Josh West serves House District 5 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which includes parts of Delaware and Mayes counties. Collin Walke serves House District 87, which includes part of Oklahoma County.


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