Monday, March 15, 2021

See where Oklahoma's $3.65B COVID-19 relief funds are going

The recently passed $1.9 trillion in new COVID-19 stimulus/relief funds are beginning to be distributed this week. In addition to direct payments to individuals, a substantial amount of money, some $360 billion, is going to state and local governments. Here's some information on that from reporter Jamie Dupree.

According to this spreadsheet link from the House Oversight Committee, approximately $3.65 billion will be coming to Oklahoma. Of that, $2.174 billion will go to the state, $541M will go to cities and towns, $767M will go to counties, and another $167M will go to state-led capital projects.

I'm going to try to embed the particulars below, taken from the above-linked spreadsheet. First up, the cities and towns with their allocated dollars (in millions):

Now, the counties:


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