Wednesday, March 03, 2021

House passes bill to allow snow cone stands to stay open year-round

Have you ever scratched your head and wondered just why government can be so stupid? Try this one: in Oklahoma, snow cone stands cannot operate year-round. Because government is just stupid.

State Rep. Lonnie Sims is trying to change that, and his bill would allow snow cone stands that also sell hot beverages to apply for a year-round license. Read on:

House Says Selling Both Snow Cones and Hot Beverages Is ‘Snow’ Longer a Problem

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma House of Representatives today voted to stop giving hot beverages the cold shoulder.

House Bill 1772 by Rep. Lonnie Sims, R-Jenks, directs the State Board of Health to create a multi-seasonal license allowing snow cone stands serving hot beverages to remain open year-round.

Sims said the bill was requested from a local charity organization that provides jobs for people experiencing homelessness. If HB1772 becomes law, the charity would be able to operate the stand year-round and provide a more stable path for these Oklahomans to earn enough money for housing and end their homelessness.

“There is no greater accomplishment as a public servant than to remove the barriers placed before our citizens and set them on a path for greater success” Sims said. “My thanks to Curbside Chronicle for all the work they do in the community and my fellow members of the House of Representatives for supporting this legislation.”

The Curbside Chronicle is a program of the Homeless Alliance, an organization working to end homelessness in Oklahoma City.

Sims filed similar legislation last year, House Bill 3747, which was approved by the House but was not heard in the Senate due to the shortened session as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill passed the House 94-1 and is now eligible to be heard by the Senate. Its author in the opposite chamber is Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond.

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  1. Justin Cody CalvertMarch 6, 2021 at 8:13 AM

    How can the government be so stupid indeed. Lets force an existing business (following all current safety requirements) to operate under ridiculous rules and then offer them the chance to pay for a permission slip to stay open when I’m no longer in the mood for their product, BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE. The newly purchased permission slip will only allow them to offer a completely different menu which better suits my new mood based on weather change.
    If Oklahomans actually heard news stories like this they would be ready to throw the whole government away. How much different is this than what we left England over? STOP ALLOWING THE GOVERNMENT TO PASS UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS UNDER THE GUISE OF SAFETY! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU! THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!


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