Monday, March 29, 2021

County-by-county voter registration swings, 2020 to 2021

Here is the latest installment of my long-running Voter Registration Maps series. These statistics are from the annual January 15th report from the State Election Board.

Continuing a basic trend over the last several years, registration swung in the GOP direction in 75 of 77 counties, with the Republican Party losing ground in Tulsa County (-0.54%) and Oklahoma County (-0.89%).

Six counties had swings of over 20% to the GOP, led by McCurtain County at +26.33%. In January 2020, the Democratic Party led there by 57.47% to 32.37% over the Republican Party. In January 2021? 45.72% Republican to 44.49% Democratic. 

Generally, there was lesser movement in heavier-populated counties like the OKC and Tulsa metros plus areas with very little Democratic registration (i.e. northwestern Oklahoma). Swings were large to massive in the portions of the state that still have significant (and swiftly fading) Democratic registration.


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