Friday, January 08, 2021

Op-Ed: Come to Abolition Day and be the voice for the unborn

Come to Abolition Day and be the voice for the unborn
by Carisa Roberson (Ada, OK)

On February 9, Abolition Day 2021 will commence in front of the state capitol in Oklahoma City. We are sure to see that the movement to abolish abortion in Oklahoma is bigger than ever, but why? This is because the abolition movement is not only about stopping the torturous murder of innocent children, but, also, unto granting these Americans their God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The abolition movement gained much ground in 2020 and proved that many throughout our state desire to see abortion made illegal though not all would use the term “abolitionist”. 

In the 2020 Primary Election, 15 abolitionists vied for legislative seats across our state and acquired more than 19,000 votes from Oklahoma voters. As one of those abolitionist candidates, I spoke with many Oklahomans who wholeheartedly desired to see abortion made illegal. Most of these people had not heard the word “abolitionist” in terms of abortion, but they truly were abolitionists. Further, many were often perplexed as to why Oklahoma lawmakers could not simply make abortion illegal- a frustration shared by those who call themselves abolitionists, as well as those who do not. The truth is our state lawmakers can make abortion illegal in Oklahoma, but have yet to find the political will to do so. A large presence at this year’s Abolition Day will send a clear message to our state lawmakers that the people want abortion made illegal. 

In the midst of the current Constitutional revival in America, it only makes sense that this most egregious, unconstitutional practice of legalized abortion comes to an end. To the aborted child, what good is an American flag waving in the sun? That child will never experience the warmth of the sun nor the life and liberty that the American flag so symbolizes. Oklahoma, let us be a voice for these babies. Abolition Day 2021 is not only for the long-time abolitionists, but for all Oklahomans who believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is meant for all Americans, even those not yet born.


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