Saturday, January 30, 2021

OK House Minority Leader wants future stimulus monies directed to supplement salaries for 'essential workers'

Workforce Stimulus Bill Filed in OK House
Bill Ties Relief for Essential Workers to Federal Stimulus

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation to direct a portion of future stimulus money to frontline workers has been filed for the 58th Legislative Session. 

House Bill 2455, authored by House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, requires that a portion of future dollars from any stimulus be paid to employees of businesses deemed essential during the pandemic. 

“If there has been a constant during this pandemic, it has been that Oklahoma’s government has consistently let down frontline workers and their families,” Virgin said. “This legislation rewards these Oklahomans who have continued to show up and keep our state alive.” 

HB2455 requires that assistance to these essential workers should be no less than an additional $3 an hour for hourly employees and $1200 for salaried.

“These workers and their families have been put through enormous mental and physical pain to ensure that our communities have their basic needs met,” Virgin said. “As the wealthiest among us are seeing exponential wealth growth, our workforce is struggling. It is time for this to change.”

The Norman lawmaker urges those in support of HB2455 to call their local legislator in support of its passage. 

“This legislation doesn’t pass unless the people demand it,” Virgin said. “We need all Oklahomans, not just people the legislation would affect, to get involved and fight for these essential workers.” 


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