Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rubio adds Oklahoma endorsements, picks up most of Jeb's support

The Rubio Campaign Announces Oklahoma Leaders Supporting Marco

Today, the Marco Rubio for President campaign announced a growing list of Oklahoma leaders supporting Marco. Marco continues to build on his momentum, and conservative leaders across the country are joining him and helping him share his message.

“I’m so proud that my fellow legislators, Republican leaders, and Oklahoma entrepreneurs would stand with me in supporting Marco Rubio,” said State Senator David Holt, Rubio's Oklahoma campaign chairman. “Now is the time for true Oklahoma conservatives to rally behind Marco because a vote for anyone else is a vote for Donald Trump. With so many pressing issues facing our nation abroad and at home, we need a true conservative leader who is prepared, can win in November, can unite our country, and lead us into the future."

“I know that all of these leaders will be encouraging our friends, neighbors and constituents to vote for Marco this coming Tuesday, because if they do, we will get a nominee that can beat the Democrats and usher in a new American century,” said Sen. Holt.

Oklahoma Leaders Supporting Marco: [blogger's notes in brackets] 
State Senator David Holt, State Chairman
U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe
U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin
Former Governor Frank Keating
Former U.S. Congressman Steve Largent [new]
State Treasurer Ken Miller [new - previously Bush]
State Senator Larry Boggs
State Senator Corey Brooks [new - previously Bush]
State Senator Brian Crain [new]
State Senator Kim David
State Senator Eddie Fields
State Senator John Ford [new]
State Senator Jack Fry
State Senator A.J. Griffin
State Senator Darcy Jech [new]
State Senator Clark Jolley [new]
State Senator Mike Mazzei [new]
State Senator Ron Sharp [new]
State Senator Wayne Shaw
State Senator Frank Simpson
State Senator Jason Smalley
State Senator Roger Thompson
State Senator Ervin Yen
Representative Leslie Osborn
Representative Josh Cockroft
Representative Lee Denney [new - previously Bush]
Representative Randy Grau
Representative Katie Henke
Representative Dan Kirby
Representative Mark McBride [new - previously Bush]
Representative John Michael Montgomery [new - previously Bush]
Representative Casey Murdock [new - previously Bush]
Representative Terry O’Donnell
Representative Paul Wesselhoft
Representative Harold Wright
The Honorable [Agriculture Commissioner] Jim Reese
The Honorable [Secretary of State] Chris Benge [new]
Larry Nichols
Fred Hall
David Rainbolt
Bob Funk, Sr.
Dana Weber
Francis Rooney
Tom Love

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  1. Sad to think we are the "most conservative state" and yet such a large group of our elected politicos are supporting and pushing the establishment candidates against a true conservative. We still have a lot of work to do in our home state.


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