Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Endorsement: For Ted Cruz

This Tuesday, I will cast my vote for Ted Cruz for President.

On the issues that are most important to me, Ted Cruz has the right positions. He's firmly pro-life, he's a strong defender of religious liberty, and he is an advocate for the 2nd Amendment. Cruz is for lower taxes, and he will repeal ObamaCare and other unconstitutional actions the current president has taken.

These are things that most of Republicans all claim allegiance to, but Ted Cruz has proven that he will hold to these positions.

Ted Cruz does not compromise on core values and principles. One of the biggest problems Republicans have in Washington today is too much "deal-making". Republicans have told their base that they would hold the line on any number of issues, only to melt under pressure and cave to the Democrats. Unlike the vast majority of Republican officials in Washington, Ted Cruz has a backbone.

For years, presidential candidates have gone to Iowa and kowtowed to the ethanol industry. Ted Cruz campaigned in Iowa against the ethanol mandate, was fiercely opposed by the major figures in that state -- and won in spite of it all.

Ted Cruz does not do go-along-to-get-along. He's stood firm against ObamaCare, even when other Republicans caved and funded it. He's stood firm against Obama appointees, even when other Republicans said "elections have consequences" (ergo, we should approve Obama's picks). He's not afraid to be the only one standing up for the right. He's gone through the fire, and not compromised his convictions.

Ted Cruz is a genuine Christian. He's unafraid to discuss his faith and how it forms his worldview. He doesn't just pay lip-service to his faith, he lives it out. He's an evangelical (a Southern Baptist) who understands the importance of Christian values in government, and the influence Biblical principles played in the formation of America.

One of the most important issues of this race will be the Supreme Court, especially with the recent death of conservative justice Antonin Scalia. Ted Cruz won't repeat the mistakes past Republicans have made in nominating squishy-conservative justices -- his appointees will be strict constitutionalists like Scalia.

The establishment and liberals in both parties hate him. Jimmy Carter doesn't like Ted because, unlike Donald Trump, Cruz is "not malleable". Robert Reich says that unlike Trump, Cruz has firm principles and "is a true believer". Sounds good to me.

I'll try to post more on this later (UPDATE: read here), but the Republican Party needs to stop Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has and who can do that.

Faced with socialists on the Democratic side, and an authoritarian/liberal front-runner on the Republican side, Ted Cruz is the conservative for me.

This Tuesday, I urge you to vote for the consistent and courageous conservative -- Ted Cruz.


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