Monday, November 23, 2015

Republican Jarrin Jackson to run against Mullin


(November 23, 2015, Oologah, OK­) Today, Jarrin Jackson announced his campaign for the Republican nomination to Congress, Oklahoma District 2. The Rogers County resident will challenge two­-term incumbent Markwayne Mullin.

Jackson said, “I'm a combat veteran who has one unifying belief: Serve America. All of who I am, what I have done, and what I believe flows from that.”

He said, “This is a time for triage and intervention, not maintenance. Our country is getting sicker, and our enemies are using our goodness against us. We need to counter that. I am conservative, but I want to be judged by performance, not labels. I offer American values, fresh ideas, and military­-grade grit.”

Jackson said he is for limited government, and believes security is the key to freedom and opportunity. “America didn't prosper by accident back in the day. We prospered on purpose, asserting American ideals and stressing initiative. How we did it then is how we do it again.”

Jackson is a decorated, former Army Ranger who graduated from West Point and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. A 5th generation Oklahoman, he grew up in Oologah, is married to a pediatrician, and has two boys.

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  1. Vote for JARRIN JACKSON for Congress! We desperately need this man and many more just like him to get this country turned around! He has been in the trenches he is not a millionaire so he understands the working people he's in the trenches he sees what needs to be done and he will go after to get it done! He's in there to make changes for the better not to become rich! Please read about mr. Jarrin Jackson he is an open book and when you read about him you will know that he is the man for the job and that we desperately need him to put him in office on Tuesday the 28th!


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