Thursday, November 05, 2015

Tuesday's GOP Debate: 8 in primetime, 4 in undercard

The FOX Business Network/Wall Street Journal GOP Debate on Tuesday will be featuring eight candidates in the primetime debate, and four in the undercard debate (aka "the kid's table"). This is the first debate this cycle with candidates being bumped off the main stage (Huckabee and Christie).

From FBN:
The four polls used in the average were conducted by the following organizations: Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, Quinnipiac University, and The Wall Street Journal/NBC News. To qualify for the prime-time debate, a candidate had to score 2.5% or higher in an average of the four most recent national polls. Candidates scoring under that had to receive at least 1% support in at least one of the four most recent national polls to qualify for the 7 p.m. debate. No online or automated (IVR) polls were used in compiling the data.
Here's the main event lineup (9e/8c), along with the candidate's average in the qualifying polls:

  • Donald Trump (25.3%)
  • Ben Carson (24.5%)
  • Marco Rubio (11.8%)
  • Ted Cruz (10.0%)
  • Jeb Bush (5.5%)
  • Carly Fiorina (3.0%)
  • John Kasich (2.8%)
  • Rand Paul (2.5%)

In the 7e/6c JV debate:
  • Mike Huckabee (2.3%)
  • Chris Christie (2.3%)
  • Bobby Jindal (0.5%)
  • Rick Santorum (0.5%)

Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore did not qualify for the undercard debate.

In addition to airing on the Fox Business Network, the debate will be livestreamed for free online. Additionally, for those who subscribe to cable or satellite but don't get FBN, Fox is temporarily "unbundling" the channel for subscribers to be able to watch.

Personally, I think a smaller debate stage is good. Ten people sharing the limited debate time doesn't allow enough time to delve into issues and get enough input from all the candidates. I think the race is starting to coalesce around four candidates (Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz), and most of the other candidates really need to consider dropping out.


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