Thursday, October 08, 2015

Cruz raises $12.2M in Q3, $26.5M since joining race

Cruz “Sustainers” Fuel the Field Operation Each Month

HOUSTON, Texas -- The Cruz for President campaign today announced it has raised $26.5 million since its campaign launch six months ago, with just over $12.2 million coming in during the third quarter. The campaign showed sustained momentum by doubling its total donations during the period, receiving 185,000 Q3 contributions for a total of more than 362,000 over the course of the campaign. The average donation during the third quarter was $66.

The campaign has also secured more than 6,000 “sustainers” – donors who have pledged to give a recurring monthly amount to the campaign. The sustainers provide enough recurring revenue to cover all expenses every month for Cruz’s entire field operation across the country, which includes the first four early states, as well as the 23 additional states and territories where the campaign is currently organized. In September, the campaign announced it has named more than 500 leadership team members throughout the nation, far ahead of any other Republican candidate in the race.

“We are thrilled to see a grassroots wave of support for our campaign gaining momentum all over the country,” Cruz said. “Not only are we seeing a surge of new donors and recurring donors to our campaign, but also continued growth of our organizations in the early states and all across the country. Americans are ready for real change, and I am ready to stand with them to take on the Washington Cartel and return power to the American people. We have both the financial and organizational resources to compete for the long haul and to take our optimistic message all across the country.”

Cruz has one or more donors from 58 percent of the zip codes in America, a 10 percent growth from the second quarter.

In the last 24 hours of the quarter, the campaign raised more than $1 million, following the similar $1 million surge in fundraising that was generated in the 48 hours following the second debate.

Cruz continues to stand at the top of GOP leaders in social engagement, which remains crucial to targeting new and low-dollar donors. More than 2,602,036 unique visitors have come to Cruz’s website since the campaign launch. He has also gathered more than 418 million impressions on Facebook, more than 215.6 million impressions on Twitter, and has been tweeted about more than 6 million times since the campaign launch.

Comment from the Blogger: Cruz raised just over $10M in Q2, and another $4.3M in Q1 when he launched his campaign.    


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